How do I prepare for my appraisal inspection?

During our initial phone call, I will ask you about the types of items to be inspected and the purpose of the appraisal. Please count the approximate number of items so that we can schedule an appropriate amount of time for your appraisal inspection. You can expect that it will take approximately one hour for me to inspect and talk with you about 5-6 items.

During the on-site inspection, I will measure, photograph, inspect the condition of your items and discuss the history or provenance of the items to be valued.  Please have the items in a well-lit area and easily accessible. It is helpful if you are able to group like items together. It is also helpful if you can provide me with copies of any documentation, such as receipts or family history at the time of the inspection.  In addition, please remove any artwork from the walls as there might be signatures, biographical information, exhibition or gallery labels on the back. In certain cases, it may be necessary to remove the artwork from the frame.

The more prepared you are, the less time that the inspection will take, and therefore the less cost for you!